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Providing economic growth and competitiveness for Florida’s Research Coast

Florida’s Research Coast, which is comprised of the four county region of Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee and St. Lucie counties is located in the southeast region of the state of Florida. Florida’s Research Coast established this regional initiative in 1998 and partners with the Indian River Chamber of Commerce, Business Development Board of Martin County, Okeechobee Main Street, Economic Development Council of St. Lucie County and Workforce Solutions. Florida’s Research Coast is a 501 © 6 non-profit, business-driven, public-private partnership committed to keeping the four county region economically competitive through business, education and governmental collaboration.

Why Florida’s Research Coast?

“A great place to live, work and play”

Regions have become the most important geographies in the global economy, where size and scale matter tremendously. No longer are cities and counties competing with one another for economic advantage. Florida’s Research Coast is the poster child for a region collaborating and working together. Where residents feel a “sense of place” in living, working and playing.  

As a top 75 metro region in the United States, Florida’s Research Coast has the combined size, assets and resources to compete successfully in the national and global economy. With a regional population exceeding 625,000, Florida’s Research Coast resembles Wilmington, DE, Boston, MA, Newport News, VA, Spokane, WA, Glendale, CA metropolitan areas. 

Regional collaboration has a long tradition on Florida’s Research Coast, and to that end we are a recognized leader. Florida’s Research Coast was launched in 1998 by local economic developers and community leaders who understood the value of regional collaboration. Florida’s Research Coast was created to promote the collective resources of the region to recruit & expand new jobs and investment to the four county region. Today, Florida’s Research Coast is a model for comprehensive regional economic development, service & delivery.
Florida’s Research Coast is leading economic transformation and revitalization in the state of Florida. In addition to marketing and recruitment, Florida’s Research Coast facilitates interaction among individuals and institutions across the four county region to create new initiatives and innovations, and to build the capacity to sustain long-term regional growth and prosperity. A primary focus is placed on entrepreneurs and local, growing companies.
Florida’s Research Coast offers:

  • Research, education and engagement by several top educational institutions including Indian River State College and Florida Atlantic University.
  • Extensive resources and networks supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and culture.
  • Intellectual capacity and lifelong education. 38 percent of the population hold a college degree.
  • Over $87 million in annual research and development conducted at regional colleges, universities, federal labs and contract research companies.
  • Dedicated workforce development to support local businesses.  
  • Pro-business climate with a competitive cost of doing business and living.
  • Existing and supported technology, life sciences, energy and manufacturing clusters creating tomorrow’s products, processes and services.
  • Internationally recognized quality of life.
  • Diverse people, communities, culture and lifestyles.
  • Businesses, governments and academia collaborating to achieve success.

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