Local Company Spotlight


St. Lucie County based Remetronix provides turnkey survey, design and installation solutions for major electronic and sensitive equipment installations. Since 1993 the comany's growth has come mainly from original healthcare equipment manufacturers. OEM's contract with Remetronix to move and install costly, made-to-order and highly sensitive equipment for hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Remetronix has been transporting and installing equipment for bioscience labs that have been moving to the area. The company has growth opportunities in Europe and is teaming up with potential partners in London, South America and other international locations. Disaster recovery services including the recovery of electronic equipment damaged by fire-suppression systems, flooding or other disasters is becoming a large portion of their business. Remetronix is ISO a 9001:2008 certified company. They have been awarded a "Best Place to Work" recognition by the St. Lucie County HR Assn. More Here


Kelley McCabe-Ruff is jovial, smart and productive. The CEO of Vero Beach-based eMindful, McCabe-Ruff has good reasons to be so “well”-adjusted. eMindful is the business she loves. It is also a repository for evidence-based information on health, wellness and mindfulness proven by research. McCabe-Ruff, staff and instructors practice what they teach. eMindful provides live, online health and wellness courses for individuals and workplaces that are backed by research and conducted by professionals. “We’re doing research right now with one of the top four health insurance companies,” McCabe-Ruff said. The research tests online courses against their in-classroom counterparts to determine relative effectiveness. Research proves the effectiveness of every course before it becomes an eMindful offering. More Here

Maverick Boats

Maverick Boat Co. is the market leader in manufacturing high-quality flats fishing boats and shallow-water skiffs. Under the Maverick umbrella are four divisions: Maverick Boats and  Hewes flats fishing boats, Pathfinder salt-water fishing boats, and Cobia boats. Flats anglers know Maverick and Hewes as the industry’s benchmark for excellence and innovation in shallow- and backwater fishing. Pathfinders, designed for backwater, bay and offshore fishing, are top-of-the-line. Cobias are well-known for fishing and family fun. This diversified portfolio has helped keep the company profitable. And the Fort Pierce location and Florida climate are perfect for testing the boats. Anglers consistently place when they compete in tournaments in a Maverick boat, Charlie Johnson, director of marketing, said. Because the boats are tested in real-world conditions, right here on the Treasure Coast, Maverick designers and engineers have insight into an angler’s challenges and needs. More Here

B&D Biomedical Waste Services ‘greens’ garbage

Okeechobee based B&D Biomedical Waste Services is less than a year old, but its earth-friendly efforts will be felt for generations. The local, family-owned company is Florida’s leading supplier of medical waste disposal products and services. Health care professionals rely on B&D’s licensed and experienced staff to collect, process and treat all medical waste products under stringent EPA, OSHA and state guidelines.  Previously, David a nd Pat Williams, long-time Okeechobee residents, launched the company in early 2010. They owned a successful vehicle towing company for more than 30 years and saw a need for a company to pick up and recycle medical “sharps”—insulin syringes, pen needles and lancets—in an environmentally responsible way. More Here

Physician's Immediate Care Clinics

St. Lucie Co. based Physician’s Immediate Care Clinics’ is an affordable primary and urgent care clinic for individuals, workers and businesses that want an alternative to going to expensive emergency rooms for urgent care or who just need affordable primary care on their schedule. “You have to make an appointment with a primary care physician but sometimes that appointment might be several weeks out,” said Kenneth Palestrant, M.D., founder. “An injury or sudden illness won’t wait until the physician can fit you into the schedule.” “Another option is the emergency room. But emergency care is the highest cost health care,” he said. But the better option is Physician’s Immediate Care Clinics; fast, affordable and well-equipped walk-in medical care available 12 hours a day weekdays and nine hours on Saturday and Sunday, he said. You don’t need an appointment. And Physician’s Immediate Care Clinics are in-network for most types of medical insurance including Workers’ Compensation insurance. More Here

OcuCue: See It, Fix It

Vero Beach based OcuCue customized monitoring allows businesses to monitor multiple computerized systems in a glance. Multiple icons on a single screen indicate to the remote manager that all systems are operating normally. A change of color signals problems or outages; yellow is caution; red is stop. For example, in hospital Room 7452 bed B (right) all systems are functioning properly but the respirator has just started to indicate it is reaching the limit of normal parameters. Oxygen is being delivered normally and the patient’s lung function is good. The person monitoring the screen can see instantly the priority is to check the respirator, not to change the oxygen. Since this is a female patient in a two-patient room, the pillow on the bed is pink so admitting knows only another woman should be placed in bed A which is empty. More Here

Magna-Bon Products fight canker, preserve environment

Ever browse your local produce section and pick up a grapefruit dotted with spots? It’s still edible, but chances are you won’t buy it—not when there’s a handful of blemish-free fruits still in the bin. Those spots, and the citrus canker that caused them, have been costing the citrus industry millions of dollars in lost trees, crops and pesticides. Frustrated Florida growers often turn to Magna-Bon II, LLC, an agricultural company based in Okeechobee. Magna-Bon’s array of products are proven to suppress canker and other crop-killing bacteria from invading fruits and vegetables. The company started in 1992, under the name Magna-Bon. Its best-known product is Magna-Bon CS 2005, a bactericide and fungicide designed to fight canker using a minimum amount of metallic copper. More Here

Entegra Roof Tile’s central location gives it competitive edge

South Florida has its share of roofing tile manufacturers, but only one company manufactures, delivers and loads its superior concrete tiles onto their customers’ roofs. Entegra Roof Tile, Inc. is a smaller concrete roof tile manufacturing company located in Okeechobee. The company employs about 90 people who manufacture, deliver and roof load concrete roof tiles to two-thirds of South Florida. It also exports to other states and the Bahamas. Tile roofing systems date back to ancient China and can be seen on buildings in almost every climate around the world. Though processes and formulas have changed over the years in terms of basic material, colorings, coatings and surface textures, the basic appeal of tile roofs remain the same. They’re attractive, enduring and energy efficient. More Here

SIC Auto Parts - Began in a Garage

Port St. Lucie based SIC Autoparts specializes in fast turnaround on parts for Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volvo, BMW, Volkswagen and Nissan. The list continues to increase as owner Dani Adrian negotiates even more deals to deliver genuine OEM and top-quality aftermarket parts to his customers, parts distributors across the country. Competitive pricing on genuine OEM and high-quality aftermarket parts. The company competes on fast turnaround, customer service, product quality and price, said Dani Adrian. And it competes successfully. SIC Autoparts is a gazelle in economic development parlance. Its revenues grow by more than 25 percent each year. More Here 

FAP produces art in concrete from state-of-the-art facility

Florida Architectural Precast’s expertly detailed workmanship can be seen on homes and commercial buildings all over the state. For more than a decade, Okeechobee based FAP has adorned country club communities, university campuses, theme park restaurants and more with aesthetically pleasing architectural elements such as columns, balustrades, pier caps, planters, fountains, custom sculptures and exterior veneers. In its 15-year history, Florida Architectural Precast has earned a reputation for delivering first-class custom finishes on schedule and on budget. The FAP team, headed by President Shawn Walters, operates out of a state-of-the-art production factory in Okeechobee. This custom-built facility is equipped with an automated, computerized batch-mixing system that can produce architectural precast, cast stone, glass fiber reinforced concrete and architectural foam to exact specifications. More Here

Miami Filter manufactures water filtration systems

Miami Filter is a 52 year old Florida company with a client list that is the who's who of water. The company’s filters remove bacteria from municipal and resort swimming pools; clarify the water in the astronaut space-walk training pool at NASA; separate oil from water at Exxon land rigs; purify marine mammal life support pools at SeaWorld, Mote and Harbor Branch; purify water for pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer; filter rainwater at Marco Island and feed Guinness, Tecate, Schwepps and other bottlers with clean water. And that’s only a partial list. Jack Mulvey founded the industrial filter company in Miami in 1958 and moved it to Fort Pierce in 1990, said son Kevin Mulvey, who grew up in the company and now runs it. More Here

AlgaGen grows live food for marine, aquatic and research facilities

When the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta was feeding whale sharks, they turned to Vero Beach-based AlgaGen to provide the food. AlgaGen, which farms pure, high-quality plankton – both micro-algae and micro-fauna –  is the only dedicated, commercial-scale plankton producer in Florida. AlgaGen, provides live food for marine tanks at research facilities including the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, the Smithsonian Research Station, Florida Tech, University of Miami, University of Florida (UF), and for marine exhibits and public aquariums from Georgia to Boston and across the country to Monterey.  Other customers include private and government fish hatcheries and specialty aquarium stores that specialize in top-quality salt-water tanks for the hobby market. More Here

Close Construction changes focus, remains competitive in South Florida construction market

Like many business owners, Chris Close is feeling the effects of the economy. Commercial construction projects have decreased dramatically, and competition for the remaining few projects have increased in equal measure. In 2008, tired of losing jobs to bargain-basement bids, Close decided to take action by redirecting his resources from pursuing commercial projects to going after engineered (storm, waste and potable water) projects.  That shrewd decision paid off. As commercial projects all but dried up in 2008, Close had the relationships and experience to completely focus on water projects. Once the smallest part of the business, water-related jobs now make up 90 percent of all projects. More Here

UCT’s patented coating, control processes secure place as industry leader

UCT Coatings, a metal plating firm based in Stuart, has been providing high quality finishes for metal parts since 2000. The company’s patented coating technology, custom-engineered surface solutions and high-volume production capabilities have attracted a global customer base, a  roster of quality certifications, governmental and third-party approvals, and end-user-endorsements. But durable coatings are just one part of the business. The company also has separate R&D, application development and production capabilities and a team of metallurgists, chemists, scientists, engineers, and technicians to help customers find the right solutions to their component problems. More Here 

Royal Concrete Concepts, Inc. expands territory to include  storm-prone states and Caribbean islands 

Builder, developer and innovator Wally Sanger has celebrated many milestones since launching his first Florida company, Royal Professional Builders, in 1981. But the event most responsible for his current success is the invention of Royall Wall Systems. In 1989, Sanger patented a strong, energy-efficient wall system composed of concrete, polystyrene and reinforced steel that can withstand Category 5 hurricane winds. RCC offers a wide array of floor plans for single-family and multi-family homes as well as safe rooms and storm shelters, modular classrooms, portable units called “Concretables,” and building systems for commercial and military use. More Here 

Continental Shelf Associates committed to restoring marine habitats around the world

More than anything else, the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has reminded the world how fragile the marine ecosystems that we rely on for income, food, recreation, and energy really are.  One company that hasn’t needed reminding is Continental Shelf Associates, a Martin County company with years of experience conducting impact assessments and supervising the eventual restoration of natural habitats. Established in 1970, Continental Shelf is the parent company for several companies focues on the marine industry. CSA International Inc., its largest division, is a consulting firm that specializes in marine sciences and services, such as ecological consulting coral reef and seagrass restoration, environmental impact studies and more. More Here

SOL, Inc.’s solar-powered products solve problems, restore communities

Alan Hurst founded SOL, Inc. to light third world countries. To help create self-sustaining communities where people can socialize, study and stay open for business after dark. To bring light—and life—one village at a time. For the past 20 years SOL Inc. has been doing just that designing and manufacturing solar-powered and LED outdoor lighting solutions for commercial and institutional clients in 61 countries on six continents. These innovative, cost-effective and easy-to-install solar lighting systems provide unsurpassed levels of illumination and durability to parking lots, pathways, parks, trails, roadways, boat launches, campus areas, perimiter security, signs, billboard, transit, shelters and more. More Here

Ocean5 Naval Architects offers marine industry cutting-edge concepts, technical expertise

Ocean5 Naval Architects is a full service naval architecture and marine systems design firm with a well-earned reputation for developing innovative, custom designs for vessels used for work and recreation. Based in Stuart, the company offers its technical expertise to a worldwide clientele that includes shipyards, governments and businesses, private owners and others. Its extensive portfolio of projects includes recreational boats, catamarans, sportfishing boats, high-performance yachts, supply vessels, tug boats, barges, transport ships and ferries, patrol boats and combat craft. More Here

East Coast Plastics

East Coast Plastics, Inc. offers complete design, build and run services for plastic injection molding tooling and products, using state-of the-art CNC equipment with 24-hour production molding. "We are solution providers," says president Todd Holloway. "We offer strong engineering services with complete tool and part development. We are quality- and service-oriented with competitive pricing on tooling and parts." "From industrial components needed by the military and the aerospace industry to consumer products such as the FlipFOLD used by clothing stores to fold merchandise," he said, "East Coast Plastics is able to satisfy our customers’ molding needs." More Here